Dementia, Lesbians and Gay Men

Most people in Australia are living longer. Australia's population is ageing, with all of the health consequences that this produces. As well, many of those now beginning to face problems of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, represent the first generation of people living openly, or semi-openly, without shame or undue fear because of their minority status. Law reforms are being proposed and adopted to remove many of the residual legal disadvantages faced by sexual minorities. However, discriminatory attitudes and some discriminatory laws still remain. Alzheimer's Australia is to be congratulated for examining the particular impact of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease on GLBTI minorities.

It may be hoped that, in the future, many of the problems described in this paper will be removed as prejudicial social attitudes and discriminatory laws give way to more just, equal and accepting approaches to members of the GLBTI minorities. In the meantime, our society has a number of problems on its hands. Some of these arise because of injustice in the law. Some derive from the predominant role that religious organisations play in many retirement and health facilities. Yet others exist because of residual fears in the minds of GLBTI people, left over from the times in which they grew up. This paper seeks to address all of these concerns and to do so in a short, readable account of where the problems lie; what can be done about them; and who can be contacted to help those in special need. 

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